Spiller's Gold - Gourmet Blend

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Spiller's Gold is a full bodied, medium roast, espresso blend with deep flavour, created by our co-founder Simon Spiller. Simon loves the versatility of this coffee.  It delivers a sweetness with a gentle acidity and a mixture of slight fruit and hazelnuts flavour when made in a variety of devices. 

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The Gold and Signature beans are the best we've tasted, highly recommended.

Laurent D.
Spiller’s Gold- Gourmet Blend

Gradually working my way through SandT’s range of coffees. This one is my favourite “mellow” coffee to date. Will buy again.

Mark M.
A change from my usual blend

I’m a long term customer of SandT , I occasionally alternate my usual Signature Blend with the other blends on offer .

The gourmet blend didn’t disappoint and I’ll certainly be buying again.

One recent change though , I miss when up until recently there was a “Roasted Date” on the beans , But that seems to just been replaced by a Use By date , this is a pity , as it used to seem a good indicator of the merits of buying directly from the company .

I did contact SandT to ask why the change , they didn’t take the time to reply to my email .

That aside , The entire range on offer always is very satisfying


The Taste of this Coffee

This is a full bodied, medium/dark roast, espresso blend with a very pleasing taste. It has a sweetness with a gentle acidity and a mixture of slight fruit and hazelnuts. It avoids the bitter after-taste of high roast espresso coffees.


Simon is delighted with Spiller's Gold. He aimed to create a slightly richer tasting espresso blend to our popular Signature Blend and Spiller's Gold is just that. It's made up of the finest gourmet Arabica beans sourced from Columbia, Brazil and Honduras


Medium/Dark roast, strength 3/4. This is a full-bodied espresso blend with rich flavour, making it perfect for any time of day!