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Ground Coffee

We advise freshly grinding coffee beans for the best tasting results. When beans are ground it exposes more of the coffee to the air, which means it will stale more quickly than a whole bean. This is why the majority of our customers prefer to grind their beans just before brewing. However, we understand some customers prefer the convenience of pre ground coffee to save time, reduce clearing-up, or because they have limited space in their kitchen for yet another device. If you prefer the convenience of pre-ground coffee, we recommend you buy small quantities (500g or less) to last less than a week, then top-up regularly. Buying a little often will help ensure your pre-ground coffee is fresh when brewed. Our ground coffee is always roasted and ground within days of dispatch of to ensure maximum freshness.

Pre-ground coffee is available with varying degrees of grind fineness. The finer the beans are ground, the more surface area is exposed and, in theory, the faster the coffee could be brewed because the water has more access to it. This is important when considering how finely the coffee should be ground for different brew methods. The general rule of thumb for selecting grind finesses is the longer the brew time of your devise, the larger the particles should be. For the time being all Spiller & Tait pre-ground coffee is supplied as an Omni Grind, which is between a medium/coarse grind which will suit devices from French Press to Aeropress.

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