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Our Coffee

We have many years of experience selecting, blending, roasting and serving coffee to the highest standards.  

Now, with Spiller & Tait, we are using this experience to select the highest quality beans from around the world and, in partnership with other expert roasters, produce skillfully roasted and award winning coffees which are balanced, rich and lacking bitterness. Qualities we know are valued by today’s coffee drinkers.

All our coffee is roasted weekly in small batches so you receive fresh coffee, full of flavour and aroma. We aim for all coffee bought from this website to reach you within 7 days of the roast date, which in our experience is an ideal time-frame for brewing after roasting (see Resting Coffee).

Our coffees remain available from other on-line outlets in the UK and Europe.  But, only coffee purchased on this site is roasted no more 7 days before you received it.