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Social Responsibility

For us, Social Responsibility is more than a buzz word. It's an idea that businesses should balance profit-making with activities that benefit society.

As a business we appreciate our responsibility to take care of Earth and its inhabitants. We embrace this responsibility and think through our business decisions to determine what is best for everyone involved, not just ourselves.

Our Social Responsibility journey takes several forms, including:

  • sourcing beans from cooperatives and farms which offer better pay for producers committed to the highest quality coffee;
  • choosing beans which have been produced using environmentally sensitive production and processing methods; 
  • striving to minimise our product packaging and postage materials and, whenever practical, ensuring they are recyclable or biodegradable;
  • partnering with high quality roasting, distribution and retail partners who operate with responsible employment practices and environmental sensitivity.

We aim to be transparent about our business activities so customers can judge for themselves the extent of our socially responsible behaviour.  Information on this website, our social media pages and our product packaging will explain our responsible dealings and practices.  We also answer all customer questions submitted to us.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our Social Responsibility aims and practices.

Simon Spiller and David Tait



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