Choosing Coffee

Choosing high-quality coffee beans can be complicated and in this regard is often compared to choosing wine.  To simplify things and help you make your decision, we’ve summarised some of the variables which influence flavour, caffeine content, price and sustainability of a coffee, which tend to be the most important considerations to coffee consumers.  Follow these links to learn more:

Taste and Aroma

Region and Variety

Growing and Handling

Different Roasts

Coffee Suppliers

We recommend you experiment with different coffees to find a combination of these variables which works for you.  But, if you prefer a short cut and are happy to rely on the experience of others, we believe it’s hard to go wrong with our Spiller & Tait range of coffees.

Our preoccupation at Spiller & Tait is coffee which tastes great.  Applying our years of experience in the coffee industry, we’ve used our own micro-roaster to create coffees which we believe, when fresh and brewed properly, will taste great to the majority of people who try them.  And now that Spiller & Tait coffees are some of the highest rated and best-selling coffees available on-line in the UK, we are quietly confident we are achieving our goal.