Best coffee beans for Aeropress
September 16, 2019

Best coffee beans for Aeropress

The Aeropress is now a common feature in homes, offices and camper-vans, especially for those who regularly brew a singe cup of coffee.  This syringe like device mixes coffee grounds with hot water, then the plunger is used to push the water through a filter.  The coffee only takes 30 seconds to brew as coffee extraction happens by both immersing the coffee, like a cafetière, and by pushing water through the coffee under pressure, like an espresso.

The resulting brew is often compared to an espresso for flavour and strength and because the final volume of coffee in the cup is similar to a double espresso shot. But, we feel this comparison is misleading, especially because it implies the Aeropress is best suited to coffee blends designed for espresso.

Which Coffee to Choose
While it is possible to brew any strength of coffee using the Aeropress, we think it performs especially well when brewing a full bodied, sweet and fruity coffee.  For the best results consider the grind, roast, and country of origin for the coffee:
Grind - go for a medium-fine grind, approximately the fineness of table salt and slightly finer than filter coffee
Roast - we recommend a medium to light-medium roast level, since these roasts do not over power the subtle coffee flavours which the Aeropress is able extract
Provenance - full bodied, sweet and fruity qualities can be found in both coffee bean blends and single origin beans.  We recommend trying the Aeropress with single origin coffees because this brew method enables the drinker to experience the unique taste profiles common to different global coffee regions.  

For example:
COLOMBIAN - generally these coffees are known for being fairly light and well-balanced, a bit acidic, with good fruity undertones. Shop our Colombian Huila here...
KENYAN - this regions features bold-tasting coffees that some people find tropical, with a black-currant quality and sometimes even a tomato-like acidity. Shop our Kenyan coffee here...
BRAZILIAN - these beans full bodied and are often found in espresso blends.  When used in an AeroPress the chocolate, spice, and peanut undertones will come out.
HAWAIIAN - this region produces medium bodied coffees which have a sweet scent and a mild, floral mellowness. They are balanced coffees which tastes clean and smooth.
If we had to recommend a single origin coffee to try in an Aeropress, it would be our ever popular Colombian Huila, which has wonderful undertones of blackcurrant and black forest berries.  However, these are all excellent coffees for AeroPress. They all have delicious flavours which come to the forefront with this brew method, unlike some other devices which can wash out subtle flavours.  
Follow this link to our Aeropress Brew Guide for specific tips on how to make the most of this impressive device.