Aeropress Brew Guide

How to make Aeropress Coffee

When to use:
The Aerobie Aeropress is a relative newcomer to the varied world of hand brewed coffee. Perfect for use in the home or office, the aeropress is recognised across the coffee industry as one of the most efficient and versatile brewing methods.  A device for making filter coffee where coffee is steeped in a tube and then forced through a filter with a plunger.

Whilst it is possible to brew any strength of coffee using the aeropress, we think that it's best showed off by brewing a full bodied, sweet and fruity cup of coffee.

How much coffee:
14g for 250ml of water

Grind size:
Medium-fine grind, approximately the fineness of table salt.  Slightly finer than filter coffee

How long to brew:
30 to 50 seconds

How to brew:
For best results, we recommend a technique called the "inverted" method because it's easier, cleaner than the manufacturers method and allows more of the coffee oils (and hence, more of the flavour and aroma) to be expelled from the AeroPress.

  1. Measure out 14g of coffee (our Signature Blend is a customer favourite for Aeropress) and grind as detailed above; approximately the coarseness of table salt.
  2. Place the wide end of the plunger on the table and place the numbered tube with the wide end face upwards over the rubber plunger to the bottom of 'Number 4'.
  3. Preheat the numbered tube and wet the paper filter in the meshed cap with boiled water.
  4. Pour your coffee into the numbered tube and add water ten seconds off boil to the top of the 'Number 3'.
  5. Stir thorough for approx ten second and let it sit a further twenty seconds.
  6. Fill the Aeropress with the off-boil water to the top of the 'number 1'.
  7. Place the cap and pre-wetted paper filter on the top and screw on firmly.
  8. Wait a further 30 seconds before carefully flipping the Aeropress on to your cup. (Ensure you hold the two halfs of the Aeropress together).
  9. Press down on the plunger with a gentle and steady pressure, it should take thirty seconds.
  10. When you hear the hiss, your coffee is ready. Carefully remove the Aeropress and enjoy.

Why we like it:
One of our favourite features of the Aeropress is how quick and easy it is to clean. A simple rinse of the coffee grinds, throw it in the dishwasher or sink and you're good to go again. It’s also very portable (we use ours camping), and it makes an excellent clean cup of coffee with no grinds coming through into your mug.

PLEASE NOTE: Aerobie, the manufacturer, say it can make espresso, we are not convinced. It is not espresso as we know it. It uses similar principles but that is all. It can however, make a very strong filter style coffee which you can dilute with hot water for a similar end product. To achieve that, follow the above instructions but dose the coffee at 18g and only fill the Aeropress 3/4 full with water. Once poured dilute (1 part coffee to 2 parts hot water).