Wholesale & Bulk Coffee

Wholesale Coffee Beans available in 6kg, 12kg, 18kg or more on request.

For Cafes, Hotels, Offices, Schools and the avid home coffee drinker:

With our decades of experience sourcing, blending, roasting and serving outstanding coffee for the catering trade, we know Spiller & Tait coffees suit most commercial machines as well as they do domestic machines.

As most avid home drinkers have access to very good quality grinders and coffee apparatus we can now offer with confidence a range of four stunning blends with taste profiles suitable not only for espresso machines but also for most coffee equipment including: Aeropress, French Press, Chemex, Filter and Mocha Pots.

For both home and commercial customers who consume coffee in large quantities you can now choose our blends by the case with discounted prices up to 15%, as outlined below.  Alternatively, contact us directly for quotes and other wholesale arrangements.

Quantity discounts available up to 15% off

Do you have special requirements?