Rewarding Customer Loyalty
October 27, 2020

Rewarding Customer Loyalty

The benefits of being a repeat S&T customer


The significant number of Spiller & Tait customers who make multiple, repeat, purchases of our coffee is well above average for on-line coffee roasters.  We believe this is due to the freshness of coffee bought from our website, the wonderful flavour of our coffees and, increasingly, the rewards we offer to loyal customers.  There are now plenty of reasons to order all your coffee from Spiller & Tait!

Well over 50% of orders on our Spiller & Tait website now come from regular, repeat customers.  This significantly exceeds the e-commerce repeat purchase averages for fresh coffee, which are between 30 to 35%, according to various repeat purchase reports.  These repeat orders help us to plan our green bean purchasing and roasting volumes to minimise wastage, which in turn helps us pass on the cost saving benefits to those customers.  Having now set up a couple of ways to reward repeat purchasers, we are looking forward to getting to know more loyal customers:


S&T Points - Earn points each time you make a purchase.  Points accumulate and can be redeemed for significant discounts on future coffee purchases.  One of the quickest ways to accumulate points is to refer a friend to Spiller & Tait.  We will reward the person to whom you refer Spiller & Tait with £5.00 off their first purchase, and we'll give you 475 S&T Points once they've completed their purchase, which equates to a £5 discount.  Make your referral with the peace of mind that should come from our numerous Five Star reviews and our high repeat purchase rate.

Subscribe - Launched earlier this month, customers now earn a permanent 5% discount on their repeat coffee purchases when they set up a repeat purchase.  We are delighted to be able to pass on the savings we can achieve from regular repeat orders and look forward to many more customers taking up our Subscribe and Save service.

And, for the rest of October and November 2020, we are inviting our loyal customers to earn another 10% Off a future purchase:



Submit a Picture Review for 10% Off 

We will issue a 10% Off voucher to any customer who e-mails us a Review with a photo, describing why they regularly buy Spiller & Tait coffee.  Tell us what you like most about your favourite Spiller & Tait coffee(s) and why you buy from us regularly by sending an e-mail review, including your photo, to and we will repay with a 10% Off discount code.  Please only send a photo that you are happy for us to use on our website, or social media, with your review.

As our repeat purchasing trend continues to grow we will keep looking for ways to reward our loyal customers, and we certainly welcome any recommendations on ways to do that.