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Tait's Gold is an intense, full bodied, Southern Italian style espresso blend created by our co-founder David Tait. David loves it's intense spicy flavour. 

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Phil H.

A very good cup of coffee

Favourite Coffee? Too hard to choose one flavour, all great flavours.

Knowing that we have access to a wonderful cup of coffee first thing in the morning gets us going and happily so . Knowing that when we need a break there is a great cup of coffee almost instantly available, cheers us up. Thank you Spiller and Tait your coffee is very, very good and much appreciated.

Mark E.
Excellent blend

Tait’s Gold is a great alternative to my normal choice, namely signature blend. I do however one very big gripe with Spiller &Tait which is their decision to remove roasting dates from the products. It was the transparency and guarantee of freshness that first attracted me to the brand, now it is all too common to get something shipped direct which is at least a couple of months “old” or if ordered via Amazon then 4+ months “old” (based on estimates using “use by dates” ) Freshness matters, so the move to obscure roasting dates probably indicates other changes, maybe less frequent and larger batch roasting, either way for customers ordering directly from the company I expect better. I cannot imagine the product retains premium/full flavour, aroma and integrity if 6 months+ old, let alone the staggeringly long shelf life implied by use by dates. What other compromises are being made?


The taste of this coffee

An intense, full bodied, espresso blend. It has deep flavours of chocolate and slight spice, also good sweetness and a noticeable acidity, with a lingering creamy body. It avoids the bitter after-taste of high roast espresso coffees.


David is very proud of Tait's Gold. He aimed to create a rich, Southern Italian, medium roast flavour. Tait's Gold is just that, made up of Arabica beans sourced from Columbia, Guatemala, Sumatra and Brazil.


Medium/Dark roast, strength 3/4. This blend is our take on a Southern Italian Roast, with a full-bodied flavour and high intensity, making it perfect for the first coffee of the day!