V60 Dripper Brew Guide

How to make v60 Dripper Coffee

When to use:

This is a pour-over cone dripper, where the coffee sits in a cone shape filter and drips down into a cup or decanter.  Designed in Japan and inspired by the countries rich heritage for stylish and precise gastronomy the V60 produces a wonderfully ‘clean’ cup of coffee, one with a smooth mouth-feel, completely unadulterated by any sediment.  We think it works very well with a light roast and more delicate and fruity coffees.


How much coffee:
To produce 250ml of coffee 18g, 400ml of coffee 28g and for 500ml use 35g

Grind size:
Medium course 5.5mm/6mm.  Similar grind as Filter Coffee, between Cafetiere and Aeropress

How long to brew:
3 to 3 ½ minutes

How to brew:
The following method should produce crisp results worthy of extraordinary coffee every time:

  1. Boil kettle and pour hot water into a Hario Kettle (this kettle isn’t essential but it makes pouring easier and also helps to ensure the water you pour over has cooled to the right temperature for brewing).
  2. Place a filter in the holder and pour hot water through it to clean the filter and warm up the decanter.
  3. Leave the water to cool down a few degrees while you grind your coffee. You want your water at around 92-94C to extract the maximum flavour.
  4. Put your ground coffee into the filter. Empty the cup or decanter. Start your timer and pour water over the grounds in order to cover (add 1-2g of water for every gram of coffee).
  5. Every thirty seconds repeat this process. On the second pour expect to see an impressive ‘bloom’ – as you would a crema on espresso, so with hand brewing the oils as they gather are known as the bloom.
  6. As you reach almost the required amount of coffee in the vessel stop pouring. Allow the water to filter through.
  7. Wait until the final draw down is complete, aim for between 3-3 1/2 minutes for completion. If it's too long or too short adjust your grind and repeat.
  8. Swirl the coffee in the cup or decanter to ensure that all the layers of flavour are mixed.

Why we like it:
It enables you to vary brew times to taste and for various coffees, something not possible with an ordinary filter/pour-over system. It’s quick and easy to clean and unlike traditional filter machines you not left with a pot of coffee that is stewing on a hot plate. Like the Aeropress, it is a great 1 cup brew method.