Simon Spiller & David Tait

For decades we've run businesses which roast, wholesale and serve top quality fresh coffee and helped shape a renaissance in the UK High Street coffee experience. We formed Spiller & Tait specifically to help households recreate their High Street experience with great tasting coffee at home.

We achieve this by personally selecting our beans and growers in producing countries and using our own micro-roaster to develop coffees with great taste. We also ship our coffee within days of roasting for optimum freshness, aroma and flavour and we offer practical tips and advice to help you get the best results from your brewing equipment.

Having started exclusively on Amazon in the UK, our coffees rapidly became some of the highest rated and best selling on-line.  Now we've responded to this growing demand by selling from our own website, as well as Amazon and other on-line outlets in the UK and Europe.

Simon Spiller & David Tait (hear our story first hand in the video)