Stay Cool This Summer with Cold Brew Coffee
July 03, 2018

Stay Cool This Summer with Cold Brew Coffee

The long and welcome periods of dry weather this summer has seen British coffee fans turn to iced coffee in large numbers.  But, not all iced coffee is made equal!  The favoured cold drink of coffee connoisseurs is Cold Brew Coffee.  Which is distinct from other iced coffee because it uses a cold brew extraction method to create a smooth coffee with a refined flavour.  
Cold Brew Coffee, sometimes referred to as Cold Press Coffee, is brewed over several hours in cold water.  It is not to be confused with iced coffee, which is extracted in hot water then cooled.  Cold Brew uses cold filtered water, coarsely ground coffee and a much longer brewing time, which can be up to 24 hours.  The result is a very refreshing coffee drink for balmy summer days.

Many people prefer the mild and sweet taste of cold brew coffee, which is why it’s also an increasingly popular drink year round.  Compared to brewing with hot water, oxidation occurs more slowly in cold water and there is less bitterness because fewer tannins and caffeine are extracted.  The slow brewing time also enables the full range of flavours in the coffee to be extracted.  This creates a smooth coffee which highlights the subtle flavours in any good quality blend, or single origin beans.

Special equipment is not needed to make good Cold Brew Coffee.  Indeed, you can get good results from a cafetière (aka French Press), found in most kitchens.  Our latest Cold Brew Brewing Guide provides a-step-by step process for the Cold Brew cafetière method.  However, our preferred device for making Cold Brew is the Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe, a thoughtfully designed coffee maker which is completely fit for purpose.
The Capsule, is a very stylish and practical coffee making device.  It’s sleek design means it fits easily into the door shelves of most fridges and it looks great for serving.  Unlike other Cold Brew methods, clean-up is also very easy and lacks mess.  The filter sits inside the carafe and is easily detached after brewing so the used coffee grains are contained and can be tipped directly into a food waste bin.  
With the Capsule, you can make cold brew coffee (or tea) in simple steps: place coarsely ground coffee beans into the attached filter, fix the inner and outer lids, add water, and let it steep. It is easy to make your own delicious cold brew drink.

Cold Brew Coffee with The Kinto Capsule, ​Four Easy Steps

cold press device
1. Insert 55g of coarse ground coffee into the filter, and fix the inner lid on the filter.
kinto cold brew
2. Turn the filter clockwise to fix it to the outer lid and place the outer lid on the bottle.
3. Slowly pour in 850 ml of cold water through the lid.
4. Place the movable lid and brew for 8 hours in the refrigerator. After brewing, remove the filter and place the outer lid back.
Finally, the Kinto Capsule lets you pour the coffee from any angle.

The Kinto Capsule Cold Brew Carafe is now available in two colours, Dark Brown and White, from the Spiller & Tait website for a special launch price of £28.99, down from £31.00, and free shipping.