A guide to our different types of coffee
October 20, 2017

A guide to our different types of coffee

A journey through Spiller & Tait's different types of coffee 

Something that sets Spiller & Tait apart from other UK coffee roasters is that we only offer a small range of freshly roasted coffee beans.  The reason relates to our dedication to offering coffees which are balanced and rich in flavour, but lacking in bitterness.  These are qualities we know are valued by most UK coffee drinkers and it means we have committed ourselves to only roasting coffees with these traits. 

Discerning Spiller & Tait customers will have noticed the majority of our coffees are “blends”, which combine beans from multiple sources, rather than “single origin” from a particular farm or estate.  Single origin coffees are increasingly popular in the UK, especially in independent coffee shops who tell a compelling story about the farm and farmer.  But, we often find customers are surprised and sometimes disappointed with the flavour characteristics of these coffees, which can be very fruity, acidic and thin.

Our focus on coffees which are rich and smooth has led us to blends.  In most cases, our blends use washed Arabica beans.  Regarded as the highest quality bean type, they are sourced from different parts of the world, or across a particular region of a country, to give the flavour variations and balance to each blend.  Occasionally we add coarser Robusta beans to achieve a special characteristic.  For example, our Classic Italian Blend includes a splash of high quality Robusta beans to increase the caffeine strength of this coffee, but without compromising the flavour. 

The flavour and caffeine strength of coffees are strongly influenced by the skill and duration involved in the roasting process. This relates partly to the behaviour of the aromatic compounds in coffee which give it aroma and flavour. The roasting process significantly increases the volume of these compounds, thus enhancing flavour. However, as roasting periods lengthen, the flavour of the bean is overtaken by the taste of the roasting itself.  Most Spiller & Tait coffees are medium, or medium-dark roasted to bring out the maximum flavour of the beans and avoiding the burnt and bitter flavour often associated with the darkest roasts. 

When purchased from our Spiller & Tait website, all coffee is roasted within seven days of dispatch to achieve maximum freshness and flavour.  We also recommend whole beans over pre-ground coffee, because we know that grinding your coffee beans just before brewing is a great way to maximise freshness and flavour.  However, we do offer pre-ground coffee too because we understand its convenience for many customers. 

The list below provides a quick summary of the select range of coffees available at www.spillerandtait.co.uk.  Each coffee is suitable for all coffee makers, but we’ve shared our favourite way to make each.


Signature Blend

Our multi award winning Signature Blend is our house favourite.  Our customers love its smooth, rich taste.  Best described as rich and smoky with roasted almonds and caramelised demerara sugar.  This all-rounder is excellent in all coffee makers, but we enjoy it most in an Aeropress.

Classic Italian Blend

Our Classic Italian Blend is one which will excite espresso drinkers.  It’s an intense, full bodied blend for classic Italian style espresso-based coffees, ideal for cutting through milk. Our customers love its intense flavour of cocoa, balanced by sweet caramel and subtle hazelnut and the hearty caffeine kick.

Organic Rainforest Blend

Our Organic Rainforest Blend is a smooth flavour, with hints of almond and toffee, which in turn gives a distinct chocolatey aftertaste.  Although we pay attention to the provenance and sustainable credentials of all of our coffee, this blend gives you added peace of mind with three sustainable certifications.  It’s Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified.  Great in a cafetière.

Pure Colombian Huila Blend

Our Pure Colombian Huila Blend offers balanced flavour with full juicy body.  With subtle tastes of blackcurrant and forest fruits, this is as close as we get to a single origin coffee.  The beans are actually sourced from several farming collectives across the Huila Region, renowned for its ideal coffee growing conditions. Try this with a pour-over device like a V60 dripper or Chemex.

Barista Blend

Looking for a smooth espresso with an added caffeine kick?  Then our Barista Blend is perfect for you. Our customers love its malty nuttiness and dark chocolate earthy tones.  As the name suggests, this blend is designed with the espresso drinker in mind.  It’s perfect with milk or as an Americano. 

Sparkling Water Decaf Blend

Our Sparkling Water Decaffeinated Blend is bright, clean and full of body with delicate nut and chocolate notes to finish.  Customers tell us the flavour is more like a real coffee than decaf and that’s why we are very proud of it.  The chemical-free, sparkling water process provides peace of mind.  Try this in a cafetière for great results.