FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

Capsule Recycling - it’s easy to do your bit to reduce landfill waste

Research suggests that over 30% of the UK population own a coffee capsule machine. That equates to a vast number of capsules which could end-up in landfill each year. 

By recycling your Spiller & Tait capsules you are not only reducing landfill waste, but because our capsules are 100% aluminium, they are easily recycled into other products. Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy and fewer greenhouse gas emission to compared to producing an aluminium product from the primary material. It’s an astounding fact that since it’s introduction in the 1880’s, 75% of all aluminium ever created is still in use today.

So, complete that cycle by recycling your capsules each day.

Step 1
Peel Off the Foil

Once each capsule has cooled, pierce the foil with your nail, or the tip of a table knife, and peel the foil lid to remove it one motion. The lid will come off quite easily, although those parts which have been glued to the capsule can be stubborn. But, you don’t need to worry about that. Since the lid is also 100% aluminium, the residual bits of the lid remaining on the capsule will be recycled too.

Step 2
Compost the Coffee Grounds

The used coffee ground can be emptied into your household food waste, or stored separately for future use in a wide variety of ways in your home or garden. For example, add them to your compost for added nitrogen, or sprinkle them around plants to deter slugs.

Step 3
Dispose of the capsule in household recycling

Unlike most other brands, our entire capsule is made of 100% aluminium. That means they are fully recyclable and can go into household recycling, and that includes the lid. Most recyclers prefer food packaging to be washed, so we recommend you rinse your capsules before you dispose of them.