FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags


January 27, 2022

Valentine’s Day is the day of expressing your love to someone special. Whilst we know the tradition lies with the romantic gushing stuff. It can also be a great opportunity to remind family, friends and even colleagues of your love and appreciation for them.

To help you express your love to someone special, we've launched our Valentine’s Day Gift Box. Using our online tool, you will be able to build your gift box by choosing 4 x 250g of coffee from our broad range of single origins and blends. The Gift Box also includes our delicious award-winning smooth barista coffee fudge, which was developed by using our very own Signature Blend. Finally, you can add a special message via our gift note, which will all be wrapped up nicely for your Valentine.

Alternatively, you could also explore the following gift options: 

I made this for you

If you think you know what that special someone would like, then look no further than our build a blend. Choose from a wide selection of options to create a highly personal gift, and even name the blend yourself!

The variety package

Six different coffees in a beautiful gift box. This option is for the inquisitive adventurer, with all the different types of coffee' from around the world. There will be something new for them to discover.

From me to you

If you can't decide from our gift options and products, a gift card is a great way for someone to choose something new for themselves
Finally, if you will be with your Valentine in the morning, why not learn to make a latte heart. They are easy to do, with a little practice, and a quick Youtube video you can create them yourself to make the day even more special.

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