Introducing Spiller & Tait Coffee Bags
December 13, 2021

Introducing Spiller & Tait Coffee Bags

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Spiller & Tait's new single serve Coffee Bags, each filled with 8g of the highest quality ground Fairtrade Colombian Arabica coffee beans.


Demand in the UK for convenient and fuss-free quality coffee has never been greater. This is fuelled by our increasingly busy lifestyles, which leave coffee lovers with less time to make fresh coffee.  Coffee Bags are designed to appeal to people with a sophisticated taste for coffee, but who need a quick fix, or for those who simply desire a fresh coffee that's as easy to brew as a cup of tea.  


Coffee Bags work in a very similar way to a cafetière. The coffee is gently steeped in the water before being filtered out, with minimal mess and fuss.  Like tea bags, brewing can be done anywhere with hot water and a mug.  This makes them a great option for people who are constantly on the go, have limited space to make coffee, or for frequent travellers who often find themselves stuck with poor quality coffee options in hotels, trains and planes.


Our very first Spiller & Tait Coffee Bags are filled with 8g of freshly ground Fairtrade Pure Colombian Arabica beans.  We’re launching with this high quality Single Origin coffee because the immersive brew method perfectly draws out the more complex and subtle range of flavours that can be derived from Single Origin coffees.  This coffee has been medium roasted for a smooth nutty flavour with low acidity, hazelnut sweetness and rich berry notes. Toffee and butterscotch flavours develop when milk is added.  

We are not confident, like some other brands, that the Coffee Bag brew method suits Blends, normally designed to deliver the intense flavour of an espresso style coffee.  We are firm believers that in the pursuit of coffee making convenience, there will be compromises.  Being able to achieve an intense, espresso-style flavour via Coffee Bags appears to be one of those.  The Coffee Bags we’ve tried with blends of beans have tended to be quite flat and bitter, as well as lacking the body you would expect from a more intensely flavoured coffee.


Another convenience compromise is in the coffee being pre-ground, making it prone to losing the fresh flavour faster than whole beans.  But we’ve addressed this by nitrogen-flushing our bags as they are packed, thereby minimising exposure to oxygen and preventing dissipation of the essential oils that hold the coffee’s flavour.  This is why we recommend you decant the bags to an airtight container after the outer pouch has been opened.


Over six months we’ve extensively trialled different weights of ground coffee in the bag for its impact on the brewed coffee flavour.  Weights tend to range between 7g and 15g.  We’ve found that 8g of coffee is perfect for the average large mug in the UK.  And we recommend lengthening your brew time from anything between three to five minutes to influence flavour strength. 


We are now proud to put the Spiller & Tait name to these Pure Colombian Coffee Bags because they offer delicious flavour, and because they are kinder to the planet.  The entire packaging is either fully recyclable and biodegradable.  This includes a sustainable corn starch Bioweb for our Coffee Bags, which means your bags can be disposed of in household food waste for composting.  And the outer pouches are made from a recyclable plastic that can be recycled in your household curb-side recycling.


So, why not finally push aside that jar of Instant Coffee hiding somewhere near the back of your larder and replace it with a bag of Spiller & Tait Pure Colombian Coffee Bags?  They are perfect for those occasions when you don’t have the time, or the space, to make a more complex type of fresh coffee.

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