In-home Coffee Survey - Competition Winner Announced
May 17, 2018

In-home Coffee Survey - Competition Winner Announced

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the £100 Spiller & Tait coupon for our in-home coffee survey competition is Mel P.  Mel has already used her £100 coupon for a purchase of delicious Spiller & Tait coffee and some coffee making kit, including an excellent Hario Hand Grinder.  She wrote to us to say:

"This is amazing! Thank you so much! I can't wait to start grinding my beans!”
Mel P

Mel was one of almost 300 participants in our first annual In-home Coffee Survey. The results of our survey are being compiled and we look forward to sharing them with you next week. We’ve been delighted with the level of participation in this inaugural in-home survey, which we conducted due to a lack of other market research into domestic coffee consumption habits.

Early findings from the survey confirm some patterns of behaviour which are well established.  For example, the humble Cafetière continues to be the most used coffee-making device in households.  However, there are many new findings.  We were surprised that over 50% of participants regularly use as many as three devices, some use four or five, at home to make coffee.  

“We’ve been genuinely surprised by the range of coffee-making devices being used in our participating households. It seems that many homes today have a device for every occasion. The choice between them seems be determined by speed and convenience, entertaining others and savouring coffee flavour.


In the mornings, speed and convenience are essential and this explains why a high percentage of our households are turning to Instant Coffee, or Coffee Pods, for their caffeine fix. While entertaining however, many of the same households choose either a Cafetière or Filter Coffee, for a flavoursome brew in an appropriate quantity.


Some of the same households are reserving their favourite beans for a quiet moment at the weekends or evenings, and make a special brew with their Bean-to-Cup machine, V60 Dripper or Aeropress. It’s a very interesting picture and much more dynamic than we’d expected”
Simon Spiller


And, we’ve had many amusing comments from survey participants too:

“I have an Aeropress to take to University as Starbucks is absolutely vile.”

“I changed to a Bean-to-Cup from a Tassimo Pod Machine. Still use Tassimo for guests!!!!"

"I use Instant for convenience, but always offer a Cafetière when we have guests. Sunday mornings MUST start with a cafetière!"

It's unlikely our survey results reflect typical home coffee drinking habits in the UK. Many of the participants are Spiller &Tait customers, who tend to be part of the more discerning end of the market.

Nevertheless, we believe our findings do reflect a rapidly increasing sophistication in home coffee consumption, which is one of the only coffee market segments which is still growing.  Recent surveys suggest coffee shop growth has now stalled in the UK. In our opinion, that trend goes hand in glove with the growing and maturing home coffee market, as reflected in our first survey.

We are looking forward to sharing a more detailed overview of our survey results very soon.