FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

Custom Coffee Blend - A Unique Gift for Coffee Lovers

November 25, 2020

Unique Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come by.  But there is now a way to do something very special and unique for a coffee loving friend, or family member.

Our Build-A-Blend service enables you to create a unique coffee blend.  You choose the coffees which form the blend and create a blend name for the person receiving the gift.  Then, we roast and dispatch this for you within days of receiving the order.  We can send it to you to pass on, or we can send it directly to the person receiving the gift.

We’ve taken the guess work out of the blend creation process by using four single origin coffees that we know, when combined in almost any ratio, make a great tasting blend.  To help further, our Build-A-Blend tools provide background information on each single origin coffee, including its likely flavour impact on the blend.  And, a dynamic Taste Profile forecasts the flavour profile of the final coffee as you select the proportions of the coffees which make up the blend.  Finish the blend by choosing between medium or dark roast and whether you want it sent as whole beans or ground coffee.  Then, the fun bit, assign a unique name to appear on the label.

Hundreds of Spiller & Tait customers have used this service since we started it two years ago and here’s what some of them have had to say:


"I really enjoyed the power to build my own coffee blend, name it and send to a close friend. The software to choose my blend was really easy to use.” David

"The flavour profiler is a genius idea. I played around with the percentages to match my tastes. Got it bang on first time, everything I’m looking for in a coffee.” Adam

"The experience and the speed of the shipping was seamless. Very pleased!" Raven

"This is every real Coffee drinker’s dream. Create your personal blend to satisfy that perfect taste and experience you want from your perfect cup of coffee.” Sandra

"Great service, amazing product, and impossibly fast delivery.” Daniel


The whole process of creating a Build-A-Blend gift on our website can be achieved within minutes.  And if the person receiving the gift loves their coffee, they can easily reorder it in the future.

Build-A-Blend is now available until December 11th for 10% off the usual price of £19.95 by using the code 'GIFTBLEND' at check-out.

Build your own blend here!

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