FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

Coffee Drinkers Offered New Option to Increase Energy and Focus

October 20, 2016

Leading e-commerce coffee brand, Spiller & Tait, announces today the launch of its new Matcha Tea.  Founders Simon Spiller and David Tait are bringing one of the finest Organic Ceremonial Matcha Green Tea powders to the United Kingdom. With the launch of a new Matcha range, the Devon based company is encouraging its coffee drinkers to try another healthy source of caffeine, which helps increase energy and focus. 
Steeped in Japanese tradition, Matcha tea is a 100-percent natural powdered green tea. The tea has been consumed as part of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony for nearly 900 years, and is used by Buddhist monks to keep them alert, awake and focused during long days of meditation.  In the UK, Matcha has become a food and drink phenomenon in recent years, with a 30% increase in sales year on year.  “We’ve taken our time to enter this market to make sure we do it right with a high quality product.  With such rapid sales growth in the US and Europe, new producers are springing up in China and Australia.  The quality of the Matcha from some of these sources is often not as high as the Japanese-produced tea, where the climate offers perfect growth conditions” said Simon Spiller.
Spiller & Tait’s Matcha is grown to Organic standards on a family-owned Japanese tea farm in Kyoto, the region producing the purest quality Matcha reserved for the traditional green tea ceremonies. Prior to harvesting, the plants are shaded to increase nutritional value and develop the vibrant green colour and sweetness which is a hallmark of high quality Matcha. The leaves are then hand-picked and stone-ground into a powder. It can take up to an hour to produce a single 30g bag, which helps explain the premium price tag. Traditional stone-grinding helps reduce heat from friction and protect the nutritional value of the delicate Matcha leaves.
Considered one of the ultimate superfoods, Matcha contains powerful antioxidants, amino acids, chlorophyll and other nutrients and vitamins. The tea effectively helps to fight and prevent cell damage, improve blood flow, lower cholesterol, stabilise sugar levels and boost focus. The tea has also been proven to boost metabolism, and boasts fat-free and sugar-free credentials with just three calories per serving.
However, it’s the sustained energy that Matcha can deliver which Spiller & Tait believe will appeal most to its coffee customers. “This is a caffeinated product, but Matcha tea releases the caffeine slowly into the blood stream.  With coffee you can get a quick caffeine high, Matcha provides a more sustained energy boost.  I drink coffee in the morning to get me going and Matcha in the afternoon for improved focus and relaxation” explained Simon.
Simon and David conducted a soft launch of their Matcha on Amazon UK earlier this year and they have been very pleased with the results.  “Our Ceremonial Organic Matcha is of the highest quality and we are delighted with feedback from existing Spiller & Tait customers and new customers who have found us on Amazon UK during our soft launch” said David.  “With lots of 5 Star reviews to back up its premium quality, we are now ready to launch this exciting new product” he added.
Spiller & Tait’s Organic Ceremonial Matcha tea is sold in 30g foil bags.  The limited-time launch price is £13.95 and the tea is available exclusively on  CLICK HERE for details.
Spiller & Tait source the finest coffee beans from around the world and craft original blends in their micro-roaster in South West England, so that customers can experience great tasting coffee at home.  An exclusively online retail business, their Amazon Shop can be found via the Spiller & Tait website.

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