FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £30 | NEW IN: Pure Colombian Coffee Bags

A Christmas Blend to Shame Sugary Pretenders

December 09, 2016

From eggnog to gingerbread, and roasted hazelnut to toffee, cafés, restaurants and on-line retailers are all doing their best to tempt you this festive season with their Christmas Coffees.  But, the hidden calories and high sugar levels in these festive cups mean they really should come with a health warning.  Warming and tasty though they may be, the majority contain more than a person's daily recommended sugar intake in one medium-sized portion!

Now that the UK public have woken-up to the extreme levels of sugar in their diet due to tactics employed by food and drink producers, we have decided to offer an alternative to these syrupy brews.  Our Christmas Blend is the perfect antidote with some of the world’s best coffee beans, freshly roasted and brimming with candied stoned fruits, warming spices and citrus peel.  These natural flavours, inherent in the coffee, evoke the spirit of Christmas whether served as an espresso, a Latte or, as we prefer, a filter drip coffee.

With its blend of Organic and Fairtrade Arabica beans from Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Sumatra, this coffee is something special.  Grown in the Yirgacheffe area of Ethiopia’s Sidama region, Ethiopian Yirgacheffee coffee comes from the region that is considered the birthplace of coffee, the place from which all coffee originated. With a light to medium body and notes of berry and citrus, Yirgacheffe has a pleasant intensity that is unmistakable.  Yet the lightness of the Yirgacheffe beans are balanced perfectly by the exotic spicy and earthy quality of the Indonesian Sumatra beans, from Gayo Highlands Region.  These beans give the blend a fuller-body and richness to perfectly suit the festive season.

Enjoying this coffee with a slice of Christmas cake or a mince pie, or as a perfect lift after a heavy Christmas lunch.  This is a "micro-lot", so we only have a limited supply of freshly roasted beans or ground coffee, available exclusively on our website.  Starting at £9.95 for 250g, join our Community to receive 20% off your order*.

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